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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lean. There's an App for That.

In this new age of hand held technology you frequently hear "There's an app for that" in reference to some task you are trying to do.  Well, I suppose Lean thinking shouldn't be any different.  The Lean Enterprise Institute introduced an app as another way to stay connected with them.  With this free app, you can easily access the latest news and information about LEI and the lean community, including books, workshop calendars, blogs, tweets, webinar audio, videos, photos, and more.


One thing I like about this app is the community feel LEI tries to create with this app.  This is not surprising since LEI is about creating value and building a strong Lean community. They have a fan wall that allows you to post a comment, you can leave comments about books and other posts, and you interact with other users of the app.  Doing this and more on the app earns you points.  The top 10 points earners are highlighted on the app.

This app has been out for sometime on the iPhone platform but I am an Android guy and this app is newly released on Android.  If you are looking a Lean app for your smartphone or tablet I would recommend that you check out this app.  I believe you will find value in it.

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