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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who Wants To Be A Lean Millionaire

A couple weeks ago at EASTEC my friends at GBMP held a unique learning opportunity.  The idea was to combine the format of the Millionaire game show with Lean thinking.  This trivia game was complete with the help of 50:50, phone a friend, and the poll.  They had several levels from beginner to advanced so everyone could participate in the fun.

If you were able to answer all the questions then you won this t-shirt:

GBMP is always finding creative ways to teach Lean thinking from their Toast Kaizen Video (which they did in person at the show last year) to their hands on exercises.  If you want more you should attend the Northeast Shingo Prize Conference this fall.  I had a great experience last year and I look forward to this year's conference.  The theme is about showing how and why America can regain a leadership position for productivity and quality in a global marketplace.

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