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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lean Thinking and Its Application to Safety

My friend and fellow blogger Dragan Bosnjak, an Italian Lean Practitioner, has published a new work in English.  It is called Lean & Safety and it is a translation of his Italian ebook Security Lean. This ebook talks about lean thinking and its application to work related safety. 
Entrepreneurs think that injuries happen, that they are inevitable. They are take as facts and entrepreneurs think about managing them only to limit economic loss for their company. That’s why they update all their OSHA compliance documents, they ask workers to sign on forms for participating in the training courses (so they can defend themselves in front of the law…), even though these courses are generic, made in conference room, and never describe real work situations and conditions that workers meet every day. And rarely they cause a real improvement of safety conditions inside the company.

They never think however, that practically all injuries can be avoided. How is that possible? Through a serious prevention management using lean thinking principles.You’ll find fundamentals to set safety culture inside your organization.

This ebook seeks to find answers to the following, continually recurring questions:

Why injuries happen?
How can we prevent them?
How can we manage prevention?

Lean and Safety is 57 pages long, and it reads in a couple of hours.  It consists on three chapters: 1) why injuries happen and how Lean can gain you time for safety and uncover waste 2) using Lean to prevent injuries by observing behaviors and problem solving and 3) the importance of leadership and it's influence on the organization' culture.

I think you will find the information in Dragan's book very valuable for creating a safe behavior culture based on Lean principles.  For a small fee you can purchase your very own ebook today on his sales page.

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